Affiliate Marketing – How I Can Make Money Anywhere Without The Hassle of Clients

There are many industries on the Web already nowadays. Many products and/or services can now be accessed and bought anytime you need it. With just a simple browse and search, you get to have a list of prospect enterprises to look into for purchasing. Consequently, transactions have become faster and easier, making the Internet a very popular platform to use for conducting business.

Now, if you are one with a website or blog and you are looking to earn money, then here are two magic words for you: affiliate marketing. This is a type of advertising where you simply collaborate with an existing online company. All you have to do is look for any with affiliate programmes and register with them. Do not limit yourself to only one, especially if you really want to profit. Anyhow, if the specific business finds that you are capable of bringing visits and leads for them, then they will be giving you affiliate links to use for that purpose. These you will utilise in your homepage as you perform your promotions.

Considering you are already with a strong online reputation, partnered with a well-built hosted site and a relevant domain name, the affiliate marketing training you will just have to undergo is first off, what commodities you will choose to push to your readers. You have to pick out those that are best-selling and hot, of course. It is even better if you focus on one niche, so that your web name, specifically, will be the identification for the products and services you are going to advertise.

This is a typical business for those of you out there who do not want the hassle of speaking with clients. All that is asked of you is to just make publicity for an enterprise’s goods from behind your very computer. Supposing you can effectively do sell, then there is no doubt you are on your way to earning the big bucks.

Other affiliate marketing tips to take into account: as you choose merchants, you will have to study each of them and know of their ways when you work together. Like, regarding your income, you will have to see if they pay well and if they compensate fast. Are they a company that openly and actively communicates with you, especially in relation to your services? Even the simple “Will you buy from them?” is a great question to ponder on.


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Building Your Work and Life Elsewhere

I am now enjoying my career as a freelance marketing consultant with a remote team. My last post was about considering from a list in preparation for a life independent of the confining walls of an office.  So far, the journey has been great. Let me share with you the necessary steps for a life that is  geographically independent.

1.  Assess and Build Your Freedom Fund

In short, I recommend building a fund which would certainly cover your expenditures entirely for a minimum of 6 months– bills, expenses, food, entertainment etc.

Your flexibility fund generally buys you time. If you don’t have a profit-generating job working (or at the very least, making sufficient to cover your expenses) by the time you are determined to leave your task, you have to be reasonable regarding just how long it will take before your endeavor generates income. 6 months is pushing it, 12 is much safer.

If your task is profit-making by the time you leave your job, then your flexibility fund can be utilized to get air travels, fund some moves or perhaps invested back into the business to take it to the next level.

It’s completely down to your own individual circumstances concerning exactly what and exactly how you may should make use of a fund such as this, but having one in the first place can be the difference between making it or not.

2.  Make Space

In the chaotic merry-go-round of large (or small) city life, it is simple to drift daily, week to week, month to month and yes, year to year without offering on your own at any time and space to … just believe or be. If this implies not going out for 1 or 2 nights a week, or taking an entire weekend break to on your own every once in a while, do it. Do what it takes to provide on your own the space you have to think. Because it additionally suggests you’ll be carving out the time to …

3. Build Your Personal Brand, it’ll pay off..

In short, this indicates being known as the ‘visit’ source for something … whatever you determine your area of expertise/passion is. And in place independent terms, it typically means being the ‘visit’ destination online. Your individual brand name goes to the foundation of all your advertising efforts– and if you plan to take a trip and function from anywhere, it naturally pleads the question, “Should you develop this facet into your brand?”.

Only do this clearly if you feel it will offer you an edge or some type of benefit. Similarly, never try and conceal it from consumers and customers.In all the years of running our business, we have never ever had a concern with someone not intending to work with us given that we were area independent.

It’s quite easy when it comes to establishing your online visibility. You must:

  •  develop a web site of some kind, and perhaps a blog depending upon exactly what your business is.
  • Profiles on the social networking sites devices which are most relevant and helpful to your business (i.e. the ones where your paying customers are).
  • A subscriber list, which is the structure of many on the internet business who would like to market effectively and effectively.

4. Develop Yourself

Normally, you have to assume a number of roles as you set off by yourself. You put on a number of hats on a daily basis– press/PR spokesperson, marketing expert, copywriter, brand name planner, internet designer, train, consultant, writer, blog writer and more.

In the corporate world, there’s always a lot of discuss ‘transferable skills’– typically the softer skills as opposed to the content- or industry-specific skills. To be painfully straightforward, while several of the skills I created and refined in the work environment have actually served, it took me  a few years years to identify precisely how they actually benefited me in my very own business– and by that phase, they ‘d sort of come to be integrated into the brand-new stuff anyway.

The kinds of capabilities, frequently honed in the corporate world, that are useful as an entrepreneur, consist of:

Customer management-- the reasonable processes and well thought-out consumer encounter refines that are embeded numerous customer partnerships in the business world.
Decision-making processes– while these might be very various when running your own business, the truth that a decision-making process commonly exists (for nearly every little thing) in the corporate globe is a lesson many entreprenuers would do well to discover (and apply where necessary).
Strategic company consulting and training.

Innovation consulting and training.

5.  Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

Location independence is a lifestyle. It implies you live it. Regularly. It is not something you dip your toe in and out of. Not if you desire it to help you on a permanent basis. When I claim “Surround on your own with similar folks”, it resembles believing in a particular faith passionately, and going to a church where you recognize you’ll be surrounded by people that comply with the exact same religion, credit the very same suitables as you, believe the like you do, discuss the exact same globe considered you and make the exact same huge life selections as you.

It coincides with entrepreneurship and place independence …It’s as basic as attending events, visiting meet-ups with business owners, working out of co-working areas in your evenings and weekends … these days, especially in London and most global cities, you are literally spoiled for option. And online, you have actually got areas and proactive support groups. Invest as much time as you can bordered by the individuals which are already doing what you want to do.

Are you ready to be location independent?

Be inspired with this:

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Thailand 2012

So as I set my sights on being geographically independent, I concentrated on setting up remote work as well as enjoying the scenery of beautiful Thailand.

Despite the influx of many tourists, I find the conglomeration of different nationalities in one area really fantastic. As I make a checklist of things to consider to prepare myself for the great adventure of being location independent, Thailand has in a way provided answers to the many questions in my checklist.

1. Thailand has wonderful beaches and many if not almost all resorts provide excellent internet connection.

2. The standard of living is cost-effective. I can find a convenient place to stay for a few weeks within my means.

3. Thailand and Vietnam can be a representative of other Asian countries awaiting my exploration.

4. There are many spots I should visit.

5. Freelance work is looming ahead and the prospects are quite good.




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Vietnam 2012


My first adventure outside the cubicle has led me to this wonderful place. I am beginning to fall in love with the prospect of working from anywhere. With its relatively high internet capability, I find working in cafes, restaurants and resorts to be an amazing and truly fulfilling adventure so far. All I needed was my laptop and an internet connection.

I will be exploring this possibility as I develop my business venture. Meanwhile, enjoy the faces of Vietnam below:









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